The products listed below are those for which I am solely responsible, rather than the many products I have been paid by others to create.


Cocoapod that encapsulates UIKit document picker UI; allowing the user to select iCloud documents (or documents from other providers), with a simple Future based API.

See blog post: Swift document picker UI

iDiff View

iDiff View highlights the differences between two versions of a text file showing which characters/words and lines have changed, highlighting additions and deletions.

Files are chosen from document providers, such as iCloud Drive, Google Drive, OneDrive etc:

iDiff View is a universal app with adaptive layout, supporting side-by-side apps view on the iPad. See blog post: iDiff View on the app store

JQuery Mobile for Seaside

Seaside integration with JQuery-Mobile see

Pier admin

Demonstration of the Pier Administration interface see overview video, showing the WYSIWYG editor, the tree view and other administrative features. A live demonstration is here:


A Firefox plug-in and on-line html converter which translates Html into Seaside canvas methods. For example:

   <a href=''>Seaside site</a>

is translated into:

html anchor url: '' with: 'Seaside site'.

See Seafox

Seaside web-framework

I was one of the co-maintainers of the Seaside web-framework and managed a number of releases.

Talks & screencasts

  • Deploy your Seaside application for free with an EC2 micro instance and Gemstone. A screen cast showing how to use a pre-configured AMI (Amazon Machine Image) to deploy your Seaside applications using EC2 and Gemstone.
  • An Introduction to Magritte 3. Describing the rational for Magritte 3, how to upgrade a project from Magritte 1 or 2 to Magritte 3. Includes a walk through of the refactoring tool developed to ease migration. The video includes a brief demonstration of form building using a custom form render and the Magritte json and xml-binding add-ons.
  • Pier admin. A demonstration of the new Pier Administration interface, showing the WYSIWYG editor, the tree view and other administrative features.
  • Flickr Photos with JQueryMobile. A Tutorial describing how to create a simple JQueryMobile application using the Seaside webframe that browses photos retrieved from flickr that match an entered tag.